Q1How can I use “LIQUID SHIO KOJI”? What can I use it for?


You can use it for a variety of dishes.

In Japan we mainly use it as a marinade for meat and fish, and seasoning for stewed or stir fried dishes. For example, fried foods such as deep-fried chicken chunk (Karaage) or pork cutlets (Tonkatsu), vegetable pickles, soup, fried rice, noodles and egg rolls omelette.

Also, you can add to whipped cream to make desserts by using LIQUID SHIO KOJI as an alternative to sugar.

LIQUID SHIO KOJI is a condiment that can be used as “Dashi”, and also as a replacement for salt and/or Say sauce.

Q2How do you make LIQUID SHIO KOJI?


We squeeze the paste type of SHIO KOJI and filter to make it into the liquid form. The color is not white but a clear golden color, and no artificial coloring is used.

Q3What is the difference between paste and liquid SHIO KOJI?


There are no differences in enzyme activity and ingredients, but the liquid type is more convenient. It is easier to measure, mix with other ingredients, dissolve and reduce burning. We also recommend for people who do not like the paste texture and smell of Koji.

Q4Why does LIQUID SHIO KOJI make foods tender and tasty?


The enzymes of LIQUID SHIO KOJI break down the protein of meat and fish to increase UMAMI components (i.e. amino acids). This is why LIQUID SHIO KOJI makes ingredients more tender and tasty.

Q5Is LIQUID SHIO KOJI gluten free?


Yes, LIQUID SHIO KOJI is gluten free. The main ingredient is rice, and no wheat ingredients are used in any form.

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