LIQUID SHIO KOJI variety of recipes

Liquid Shio-Koji recipesby Kyle Connaughton


Chef, cookbook author, and culinary educator.
After gaining experience at several restaurants, such as a Japanese restaurant in Southern California and the Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel, in 2003, Connaughton received an offer to work as a chef for the Three Michelin Star restaurant, Michel Bras, at its second location in Hokkaido, Japan.

In 2006, he joined Heston Blumenthal to head research and development at the Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen at the Three Michelin Starred Fat Duck restaurant in London, England.
Later he became a consulting culinary educator for the Culinary Institute of America. In 2014, he co-founded the culinary development company Pilot R+D, and in 2016, he will open Single Thread Farm-Restaurant-Inn located in Healdsburg, California.

  • Shio-koji Saikyo Ketchup

    Shio-koji Saikyo Ketchup

    Ingredient Serves:∼600ml


    Liquid Shio-Koji…75g,

    Saikyo Miso…75g

    For The Ketchup
    Place all ingredients in a blender (or use hand blender) and blend.
    To Serve
    Serve with fries or on sandwiches.
  • Shio-koji Caramel Glaze

    Shio-koji Caramel Glaze

    Ingredient Serves:∼250ml



    Butter – Cubed – Room Temperature…60g,

    Heavy Cream – Room Temperature…150g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…55g

    For The Caramel
    1) Combine the water and sugar in a tall sauce pan.
    2) Cook the mixture over medium high heat to 190°C.
    3) Turn off the heat and carefully whisk in the butter.
    4) Now carefully whisk in the heavy cream.
    5) Allow the mixture to stop bubbling before whisking in the liquid Shio-koji.
    6) Pour into a bowl and allow to chill before serving
  • Shio-koji Ranch Dressing

    Deep-fried Chicken

    Ingredient Serves: 250ml








    Sour Cream…100g

    Black pepper…0.2g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…15g,

    Lemon juice…5g

    For The Herbs
    Mince the herbs and toss together to combine.
    For The Dressing
    1) Whisk all ingredients.
    2) Refrigerate for 2 hours for the flavors to meld.
    To Serve
    Use as a dipping sauce or as a salad dressing
  • Shio-koji Breakfast Sausage

    Shio-koji Breakfast Sausage

    Ingredient Serves:16 Patties

    <Sausage Base>

    Pork Shoulder – 2 cm Cubes…700g,

    Pork Fat Back – 2 cm Cubes…150g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…40g,

    Thyme, Fresh – Rough Chop…1g,

    Garlic, Granulated…1g,

    Black Pepper, Cracked…0.75g,

    Rosemary, Fresh – Rough Chop…0.5g,


    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes…0.5g,

    <To Serve>

    Sausage Patties…As Needed,

    Neutral Oil…As Needed

    For The Sausage Base
    1) Combine all ingredients by hand until thoroughly mixed.
    2) Allow the flavors to marinate for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.
    3) When ready, grind the sausage base through a 10 mm die, making sure the mixture stays cold.
    4) Make a small test patty to taste for seasoning, then form the rest of the meat into 50 g patties.
    To Serve
    1) Heat a pan over medium heat and lightly coat with a neutral oil.
    2) Cook the patties on 1 side until deep brown, 2 to 3 minutes.
    3) Flip and repeat until brown on the other side.
    4) Serve warm.
  • Shio-koji American Scrambled Eggs

    Shio-koji American Scrambled Eggs

    Ingredient Serves:1

    <Liquid Shio-Koji Eggs>


    Milk – Whole…10g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…10g,

    <To Serve>

    Butter…As Needed,

    Liquid Shio-Koji Eggs

    For The Liquid Shio-koji Eggs
    1) Whisk the eggs, milk, and liquid Shio-koji together.
    2) Let rest for at least 15 minutes.
    To Serve
    1) Place a medium non-stick pan over medium-high heat.
    2) Add enough butter to lightly cover the bottom of the pan.
    3) Add the Liquid Shio-koji Eggs and allow to cook on the bottom of the pan.
    4) Using a spatula, slowly scrape the bottom of the pan forming large folds of egg.
    5) Continue to cook in this fashion until the eggs are almost cooked.
    6) Transfer to a plate and serve immediately.
  • Shio-koji Southern Fried Chicken

    Shio-koji Southern Fried Chicken

    Ingredient Serves:4 People

    <Spice Mixture>

    Onion Powder…5g,

    Garlic Powder…5g,


    Black Pepper…2g,

    Dried Oregano…1g,

    Dried Thyme…1g,



    Spice Mixture…2g,


    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g,

    Chicken thighs with legs and skin (4 ea)…500g


    All-Purpose Flour #1…As Needed,

    All-Purpose Flour #2…100g,

    Potato Starch…50g,

    Corn Starch…50g,



    Spice Mixture…10g,


    Heavy Cream…20g

    <To Serve>

    Vegetable Oil…As Needed

    For The Spice Mixture
    Combine the spices in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
    For The Brine
    1) Cut the chicken pieces to separate the thighs and legs into a total of 4 pieces.
    2) Whisk together the spice mixture, milk, and liquid Shio-koji in a large bowl.
    3) Add the chicken pieces and toss to thoroughly coat with the brine.
    4) Transfer to a storage bag and refrigerate for 4 hours.
    1) Whisk together the all-purpose flour #2, potato starch, cornstarch, salt, and spice mixture.
    2) Add the buttermilk to the dry mixture.
    3) Work the mixture with your hands until the liquid is evenly distributed and creates a shaggy flour mixture.
    4) Mix the eggs and heavy cream together.
    5) Create a 3 part dredge station with the all-purpose flour #1, the egg mixture, and the shaggy flour mixture.
    6) Remove the chicken from the brine and lightly dust with the all-purpose flour.
    7) Next add the chicken to the egg mixture and toss to coat.
    8) Drain the excess egg and then toss in the shaggy flour mixture until fully coated.
    9) Shake chicken to remove excess flour and transfer to a wire rack on a baking sheet.
    To Serve
    1) Pre-heat oven to 175°C/350°F.
    2) Heat the oil to 220°C/425°F in a large wok or fryer over medium high heat.
    3) One at a time, place the chicken skin side down in the pan.
    4) The temperature should drop to 150°C/300°F and should be maintained at 150°C/300°F for the rest of cooking.
    5) Fry the chicken until it’s golden brown on the skin side, about 3 to 4 minutes.
    6) Carefully flip the chicken and cook until the second side is golden brown.
    7) Transfer back to the wire rack and bake until internal temperature reaches 73°C/163°F.
    8) Serve Immediately.

  • Shio-koji Beef Burgers

    Shio-koji Beef Burgers

    Ingredient Serves:4 Patties

    <Marinated Beef>

    Short-Rib, Boneless – 2 cm cubes…300g,

    Tri-Tip – 2cm cubes…200g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g

    <Beef Patties>

    Marinated Beef…550g

    <To Serve>

    Beef Patties…As Needed,

    Vegetable Oil…As Needed,

    American Cheese Slices…As Needed,

    Hamburger Buns…As Needed

    For The Marinated Beef:
    1) Combine short-rib and tri-tip with liquid Shio-koji.
    2) Marinate the meat refrigerated for 3 hours.
    For The Beef Patties:
    1) Freeze all grinding equipment until chilled.
    2) Assemble the grinder with a 9 mm grind die/plate.
    3) Slowly feed the beef into the grinder and collect in a chilled bowl.
    4) Form the ground beef into 110 g patties making sure not to pack the meat too tightly.
    To Serve
    1) Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high heat until very hot.
    2) Add enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.
    3) Place the beef patties down and cook until deep brown, about 1 to 2 minutes.
    4) Flip the patties over. (Add sliced cheese now if desired).
    5) Cook until deep brown again about 1 to 2 minutes.
    6) Serve on a warm hamburger bun and enjoy immediately.
  • Shio-koji American Hot dog

    Shio-koji American Hot dog

    Ingredient Serves:4 People

    <Spice Mixture>


    Garlic, Granulated…1g,

    Black Pepper, Ground…2g,

    Onion, Granulated…2g,

    Insta Cure #1…0.5g,

    Yellow Mustard, Ground…2g,

    Celery Salt…0.25g,


    <Hot Dogs>

    Beef, Chuck…475g,

    Pork, Fat Back…40g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…40g,

    Spice Mixture…As Needed

    For The Spice Mixture
    Combine all ingredients.
    For The Hot Dogs:
    1) Cube the beef and pork into 2 cm cubes.
    2) Toss the meat with the liquid Shio-koji and all of the spice mixture.
    3) Refrigerate for at least 2 hours for the flavors to meld.
    4) Grind the meat through a 10 mm die 3 times making sure the meat stays cold.
    5) Chill the meat to 0°C then grind through a 3 mm die 2 times.
    6) Chill the meat again down to 0°C.
    7) Using a mixer with the paddle attachment, mix the meat on high to fluff the meat. Making sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Do not allow the meat to go above 13°C during this process.
    8) Chill the meat a third time and stuff into small hot dog casings to form the hot dog.
    To Serve
    1) Place hot dogs in a 70°C water bath to cook until the internal temperature reaches 68°C (about 15 to 20 minutes).
    2) Chill the hot dogs in ice water.
    3) To serve, re-heat in warm water or over a griddle and serve in a hot dog bun with desired toppings.
  • Bolognese Shio-koji

    Bolognese Shio-koji

    Ingredient Produces: ∼5 Liters

    <Marinated Meat>

    Pork Shoulder – ground…500g,

    Oxtail, Boned, and minced…500g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…30g

    <Sweated Vegetables>


    Onion – 0.5cm dice…250g,

    Carrot – 0.5cm dice…200g,

    Celery – 0.5cm dice…100g,

    Garlic – minced…10g,

    Thyme leaves – minced…5g,

    Parsley – minced…15g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…15g


    Extra-virgin olive oil…15g,

    Marinated Meat,

    Sweated Vegetables,

    Red Wine…80g,

    Chicken Stock…800g,

    Gelatin – Sheets…20g,

    Canned whole peeled tomatoes Pureed…800g,

    Chicken Livers – Pureed…230g,


    Bay Leaves…4ea,

    Black pepper…0.5g,

    Liquid shio-koji…60g

    <To Serve>

    Pappardelle pasta…As Needed,

    Bolognese…As Needed,

    Heavy Cream…200g,

    Parsley- Minced…10g,

    Parmesan cheese – Grated…50g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…60g,

    Black Pepper…As Needed,

    Salt…As Needed

    For The Marinated Meat
    1) Combine the ground meat with the liquid Shio-koji.
    2) Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
    For The Vegetables
    1) Heat the butter in a large sauté pan over medium-low heat.
    2) Add all ingredients except the liquid Shio-koji.
    3) Sweat the mixture until onions are translucent, about 10 minutes.
    4) Turn off the heat and mix in the liquid Shio-koji.
    For The Bolognese
    1) Pre-heat oven to 150°C/300°F.
    2) Add extra-virgin olive oil to a large Dutch oven pan over medium-high heat.
    3) Add the marinated meat and cook while breaking up the mixture with a spoon.
    4) Cook until the meat is no longer pink, about 5 minutes.
    5) Stir the chicken livers into the meat.
    6) Add the sweated vegetables and cook over high heat until most of the liquid is evaporated.
    7) Add the red wine and reduce by half.
    8) Add the chicken stock, gelatin, tomatoes, milk, bay leaves, black pepper, and liquid Shio-koji.
    9) Bring to a simmer while stirring.
    10) Move the pan to the oven and cook for 4 to 5 hours or until the sauce is very thick.
    11) Skim most of the fat off the Bolognese and discard.
    To Serve
    1) Add the heavy cream, parsley, parmesan, and liquid Shio-koji to the Bolognese.
    2) Bring to a simmer while stirring to incorporate.
    3) Season with black pepper and salt to taste.
    4) Cook pappardelle pasta according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    5) Combine cooked pappardelle pasta with the Bolognese.
    6) Garnish as desired.
  • Shio-koji Tomato Sauce with Pasta

    Shio-koji Tomato Sauce with Pasta

    Ingredient Serves: 600g

    <Crushed Tomatoes>

    Tomatoes, Canned – Peeled & Whole…800g

    <Tomato Sauce>

    Onion, Yellow – 0.5cm Dice…75g,

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil…10g,

    Garlic – Minced…10g,

    Thyme, Fresh – Minced…3g,

    Basil, Fresh – Minced…3g,

    Red Wine (Optional)…15g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji #1…20g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji #2…~40g

    <To Serve>

    Pasta…As Needed,

    Tomato Sauce…As Needed,

    Basil (Optional)…As Needed,

    Parmesan (Optional)…As Needed

    For The Crushed Tomatoes:
    Remove the tomatoes from the can and crush by hand until the tomatoes have a chunky consistency.
    For The Tomato Sauce:
    1) Combine onions, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil in a small pot.
    2) Sauté on low heat for 8 to 10 minutes or until onions are partially translucent.
    3) Add red wine and reduce by half (optional).
    4) Add liquid Shio-koji #1 and stir with the onions.
    5) Add the crushed tomatoes, thyme, and basil.
    6) Bring to a simmer and cook for about 30 minutes or until sauce has the consistency of hot cereal.
    7) Add liquid Shio-koji #2 to season.
    To Serve
    1) Cook Pasta according to manufacturer’s instructions.
    2) Remove the pasta from the boiling water and drain.
    3) Lightly toss the pasta in the tomato sauce.
    4) Plate pasta and garnish with basil and parmesan.
  • Shio-koji Salmon in Shio-koji Beurre Monte

    Shio-koji Salmon in Shio-koji Beurre Monte

    Ingredient Serves: 2 People

    <Brined Salmon>

    Salmon Fillet…500g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…100g

    <Beurre Monte>

    Reserved Liquid Shio-Koji…As Needed,

    Butter – cubed…200g

    <To Serve>

    Brined Salmon,

    Beurre Monte,

    Garlic Cloves…2ea,

    Sprig of Thyme…1ea

    For The Brined Salmon
    1) Brine the salmon with the liquid Shio-koji for 20 minutes.
    2) Remove the salmon and reserve the liquid Shio-koji.
    For The Beurre Monte:
    1) In a medium sauce pot bring the reserved liquid Shio-koji to a simmer.
    2) Reduce heat to low and whisk in a small cube of butter until emulsified.
    3) Continue adding the butter cubes slowly while constantly whisking to maintain the emulsion.
    4) Hold warm until ready to use.
    To Serve
    1) Combine the Beurre Monte, garlic cloves, and thyme sprig in a shallow pot over very low heat.
    2) Add the salmon and slowly baste with the Beurre Monte to cook.
    3) Remove the salmon from the pan when desired doneness is reached.
    4) Serve over vegetables and rice.
  • Chicken Tikka

    Chicken Tikka

    Ingredient Serves: 6-8 People

    <Spice Blend>

    Coriander Seeds…10g,

    Green cardamom pods…3g,

    Black cardamom pods…1g,

    Cinnamon sticks…8g,

    Black peppercorns…8g,


    Cumin seeds…12g,


    Dried bay leaves…1ea,


    <Yoghurt Marinade>


    Chickpea flour…25g,

    Olive oil…50g,

    Cayenne …10g,

    Greek-style yogurt…450g,


    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g,

    Chicken Breasts…1000g,

    Spice Blend…10g

    <Masala Sauce>


    Yellow onion – 0.5cm dice…250g,

    Garlic – Thinly Sliced…35g,

    Ginger – Thinly Sliced…20g,

    Spice Blend…5g,


    Canned Whole Tomatoes – Pureed…800g,

    Heavy Cream…75g,

    Lemon Juice…10g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g,

    Coconut Milk…175g

    <To Serve>

    Yogurt Marinade…150g,

    Saikyo miso…30g,

    Cashew Butter…30g,

    Masala Sauce,



    For The Spice Blend
    1) Combine all spices in a small bowl.
    2) Toast spices in a pan over medium heat until aromatic, about 5 minutes.
    3) Grind spices and pass through a fine mesh strainer.
    For The Yogurt Marinade
    1) Melt the butter in a saucepot over medium heat and cook until foaming subsides.
    2) Add the chili powder and fry for 1 minute.
    3) Whisk in the chickpea flour and continue whisking for 1 minute then remove from heat.
    4) Add the olive oil to the pot and whisk until smooth.
    5) Combine the chickpea mixture, spice blend, yogurt, and liquid Shio-koji.
    6) Take the chicken breasts and make deep incisions every 3 cm to allow the marinade to penetrate better.
    7) Add the chicken to the marinade and toss to coat.
    8) Allow the chicken to marinate for 3 to 4 hours while refrigerated.
    For The Masala Sauce
    1) Heat the butter in a medium sized pot over medium-high heat until foaming stops.
    2) Add the onions, garlic and ginger.
    3) Cook until deep brown, about 10 minutes.
    4) Add the spice mixture and turmeric then cook for 30 seconds.
    5) Add the tomatoes and simmer for 15 minutes.
    6) Puree with heavy cream, coconut milk, lemon juice, and liquid Shio-koji.
    To Serve
    1) Skewer the chicken and grill on both sides until well browned and cooked through. Allow to rest for 10 minutes.
    2) Combined the masala sauce and yogurt marinade.
    3) Cut the chicken into large chunks.
    4) Add the chicken to the sauce and simmer until cooked about 15 minutes.
    5) Garnish with cilantro and serve with Naan or Rice.
  • Shio-koji Meatloaf

    Shio-koji Meatloaf


    <Milk Base>


    Gelatin Sheets – (4 each)…10g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…20g

    <Sweated Vegetables>

    Butter – unsalted…25g,

    Black Pepper…0.5g,

    Garlic – Minced…10g,

    Onion – Small Dice…300g,

    Carrot – Small Dice…100g,

    Celery – Small Dice…50g

    Milk Base,

    Cremini Mushrooms – Minced…120g,

    Bread Crumbs…15g,

    Rolled Oats…20g

    <Marinated Meat>

    Pork – Ground…350g,

    Beef – Ground…500g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g


    Marinated Meat,

    Sweated Vegetables,

    Eggs – Whisked togeather…100g,

    Cheddar – grated…40g,

    Parsley – minced…15g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…20g,


    Black Pepper…1g,

    Thyme – Minced…2g




    Liquid Shio-Koji…20g

    <To Serve>



    For The Milk Base
    1) Combine the milk, Liquid Shio Koji, and gelatin in a small container.
    2) Hydrate gelatin for 10 minutes.
    For The Vegetables
    1) Melt the butter in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat.
    2) Add the garlic, onion, carrot, celery and black pepper.
    3) Sweat the vegetables until slightly soft for about 6 minutes.
    4) Add the milk base and reduce by half.
    5) Remove from heat and pour the mixture into a bowl.
    6) Add the mushrooms, bread crumbs, and rolled oats then toss to combine
    For The Marinated Meat
    Mix all ingredients together and marinate for 10 minutes.
    For The Meatloaf
    1) Pre-heat oven to 175°C/350°F.
    2) Combine all ingredients together and mix thoroughly by hand.
    3) Cook a small tester patty in a sauté pan to check for seasoning.
    4) Adjust seasoning with salt or black pepper if necessary.
    5) Grease the inside of a standard loaf pan and fill with the meatloaf mixture until level with the top of the pan.
    6) Cover with aluminum foil and invert in the pan on a sheet tray so the meatloaf cooks in the pan upside down.
    7) Bake for 30 minutes then lift off the loaf pan.
    8) Continue baking until internal temperature reaches 65°C/150°F (about 10 minutes).
    9) Remove from the oven and rest for 20 minutes.
    For The Glaze
    Combine all ingredients together.
    To Serve
    1) Pre-heat oven to 230°C/450°F.
    2) Brush the meatloaf with a heavy layer of the glaze.
    3) Place the meatloaf in the oven and bake until golden brown, about 10 to 15 minutes.
    4) Rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving with extra glaze on the side.
  • Shio-koji Ham

    Shio-koji Ham

    Ingredient Serves:1 Ham

    <Cured Ham>

    Bone-Out Pork Shoulder (~2400g)…1ea,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…480g,


    <Cooked Ham>

    Cured Ham

    <To Serve>

    Cooked Ham

    For The Cured Ham:
    1) Blend the liquid Shio-koji and salt together to dissolve.
    2) Combine the brine and pork shoulder in a cryo-vac bag.
    3) Pull a full vacuum and hold refrigerated for 1 week.
    For The Cooked Ham:
    1) Remove ham from the bine.
    2) Re-package in a cryo-vac bag and cook at 60°C for 24 hours.
    3) Remove from heat and chill the ham in the bag.
    To Serve
    Slice ham and serve warm for breakfast.
  • Shio-koji Brined Turkey

    Shio-koji Brined Turkey


    <Brined Turkey>


    Liquid Shio-Koji…As Needed

    <Cooked Turkey>

    Brined Turkey

    For Th) Brined Turkey:
    1) Cut the turkey into 6 pieces (2 breasts, 2 legs, and 2 thighs).
    2) Cover the turkey in liquid Shio-koji and brine refrigerated for 3 days.
    For Th) Cooked Turkey:
    1) Remove turkey from the bine.
    2) Rinse the turkey under cold water for 10 minutes to remove excess salt.
    3) Pat the meat dry.
    4) Vacuum pack the breasts in one bag and vacuum pack the legs and thighs in another bag.
    5) Place the thigh and legs in a 65.5°C water bath for 4 hours.
    6) After 4 hours, add the breasts to the water bath and continue cooking for 2 more hours.
    7) Remove the turkey from the bags and pat dry.
    To Serve
    Broil the turkey to crisp the skin then slice and serve warm.
  • Shio-koji Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry

    Shio-koji Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry

    Ingredient Serves:2

    <Marinated Chicken>

    Chicken Breast, Thinly Sliced…250g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…25g

    <Liquid Shio-Koji Glaze>

    Liquid Shio-Koji…70g,

    Glucose Syrup…50g,

    Rice Wine Vinegar…8g,

    Xanthan Gum…0.2g


    Onions, Yellow, 0.75 cm Thick Slices…125g,

    Green Beans…120g,

    Shishito Peppers, 0.5 cm slices…25g,

    <Bok Choy:

    Bok Choy …100g

    <Ginger Scallion Sauce>

    Scallion, Minced…100g,

    Ginger, Minced…25g,

    Grapeseed Oil…100g,

    Roasted Sesame Oil…20g,

    Sesame Seeds…40g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji…50g,

    Rice Wine Vinegar…20g

    <To Serve>

    Corn Starch…15g,

    Vegetable Oil…As Needed,

    Scallion Sauce…60g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji Glaze…50g

    For The Marinated Chicken:
    1) Combine chicken with liquid Shio-koji.
    2) Marinate refrigerated for 3 hours.
    For The Liquid Shio-koji Glaze:
    1) Using a blender, combine the liquid Shio-koji, glucose syrup, and rice wine vinegar.
    2) Sprinkle the xanthan gum in while blending.
    3) Reserve cold.
    For The Vegetables:
    1) Blanch green beans for 2 to 3 minutes until tender.
    2) Shock in ice water and drain.
    3) Slice the green beans into 3 cm long pieces.
    4) Reserve the green beans cold.
    For The Bok Choy:
    1) Separate the greens from the base of the bok choy.
    2) Cut the green into approximately 1 cm strips.
    3) Cut the stems into 1/2 cm slices on a bias.
    4) Blanch the stems in boiling water for 45 to 60 seconds or until tender.
    5) Shock in ice water and drain.
    6) Repeat the blanching step for the greens but blanch for only 5 seconds.
    7) Reserve the bok choy cold.
    For The Ginger Scallion Sauce:
    1) Heat the oil over medium heat.
    2) Add the ginger and scallion and lightly sauté for 4 to 5 minutes.
    3) Add liquid Shio-koji and simmer for 1 minute.
    4) Add sesame seeds and vinegar and remove from heat.
    5) Reserve Cold.
    To Serve
    1) Toss the marinated chicken with corn starch.
    2) Coat wok with oil and heat until smoking.
    3) Add the chicken and cook while stirring until golden brown.
    4) Remove the chicken from the wok and add the onions.
    5) Cook the onions until almost tender.
    6) Add the shishito peppers and cook for 30 seconds.
    7) Add the green beans, bok choy stems, and bok choy greens and cook until warm.
    8) Add the cooked chicken, liquid Shio-koji glaze, and scallion sauce to the pan.
    9) Cook until the sauce is simmering and reduces slightly.
    10) Serve warm
  • Shio-koji Beef Broccoli Stir-Fry

    Shio-koji Beef Broccoli Stir-Fry

    Ingredient Serves:2

    <Marinated Beef>

    Flank Steak, Thinly Sliced…250g,

    Liquid Shio-Koji …25g

    <Liquid Shio-Koji Oyster Glaze>

    Liquid Shio-Koji …75g,

    Oyster Sauce …35g,

    Rice Wine Vinegar …15g,

    Cornstarch …10g


    Broccoli …225g


    Onions, Yellow …150g

    <To Serve>

    Cornstarch …15g

    Vegetable Oil…As Needed

    For The Marinated Beef:
    1) Combine the flank steak and liquid Shio-koji.
    2) Marinate refrigerated for 3 hours.
    For The Liquid Shio-koji Oyster Glaze:
    1) Whisk together all ingredients.
    2) Refrigerate until used in Step 7 below.
    For The Broccoli:
    1) Remove the stems from the broccoli and cut the heads into 2 cm florets.
    2) Steam the florets for 2 to 3 minutes or until tender.
    3) Shock in an ice bath and refrigerate until used in Step 6 below.
    For The Onions:
    Slice the onions into 0.75 cm thick pieces.
    To Serve
    1) Toss the marinated flank steak with cornstarch.
    2) Coat a wok with oil and heat until smoking.
    3) Add the beef and cook while stirring until deep brown.
    4) Remove beef from the wok and add the onions.
    5) Sauté until almost cooked.
    6) Add broccoli and cook until warmed through.
    7) Add the beef and oyster glaze to the wok.
    8) Cook until the sauce is simmering and reduces slightly.
    9) Remove from the wok and serve warm.

Liquid Shio-Koji recipes

  • Deep-fried Chicken

    Deep-fried Chicken
    Marinating time : 1hr.
    Cooking time : 10min.
    Ingredients 2 portions
    Chicken leg meat…300g,
    Potato starch…as required,
    Frying oil…as required,
    ★<LIQUID SHIO KOJI…30ml, Grated garlic…5g, Grated ginger…10g>

    1) Apply cooking paper to the surface of the meat to remove excess moisture.

    2) Put★into a polythene bag,mix,add the chicken leg meat and rub the marinede thoroughly into the meat,seal the bag to ensure that no air penetrates and leave in a refrigerator for approximately 1hour.

    3) Remove from the refrigerator,sprinkle with the potato starch and deep-fly in oil.

  • Salmon fried in Herbs

    Salmon fried in Herbs
    Marinating time : 1night.
    Cooking time : 10min.
    Ingredients 2 portions
    LIQUID SHIO KOJI…30ml, Basil(dried)…1.25g,
    Olive oil…7.5ml

    1) Marinate the salmon in the LIQUID SHIO KOJI,olive oil,basil and fine-chopped parsley overnight.

    2) Heat a frying pan, add 1) as it is and fry.

  • Marinated vegetables

    Marinated vegetables
    Marinating time : 20min.
    Cooking time : 10min.
    Ingredients 2 portions
    Cherry tomatoes…6,
    Red paprika…1/8th,
    Yellow paprika…1/8th,
    Broccoli…1/4 of a head,
    Celery…1/5th of a stalk,
    Cottage cheese..60g
    ★<LIQUID SHIO KOJI…90ml, Brewed vineger…30ml, Garlic…1 clove>

    1) Grate the garlic and mix with ★.

    2) Cut the paprika vertically into 8mm widths, separate the broccoli into sprigs, parboil and cool. Cut the celery into mouth-sized pieces and cut crosses into the cherry tomatoes with a kitchen knife.

    3) Add all the vegetables to 1) and allow to marinate for approximately 20 minutes.

    4) Arrange 3) on a platter and finish by combining with the cottage cheese.

  • SHIO KOJI Pudding

    SHIO KOJI Pudding
    Marinating time : 0min.
    Cooking time : 10min.
    Ingredients 2 portions

    1) Pour the milk into a bowl and heat to about skin temperature in a microwave oven.

    2) Add the sugar, beaten eggs and LIQUID SHIO KOJI to 1), mix thoroughly, pour into pudding molds and cover loosely in wrap.

    3) Heat in a microwave oven at 500W for appoximately 2 minutes, and remove when the surface rises and the edges harden. Allow to cool and chill in a refrigerator.

  • PorkSteak

    Marinating time : 2-3hr.
    Cooking time : 10min.
    Ingredients 2 portions
    Pork roast…300g,

    1) Apply cooking paper to the surface of the meat to remove excess moisture.

    2) Place the pork roast and LIQUID SHIO KOJI into a polythene bag and mix, seal the bag to ensure that no penetrates and place in a refrigerator to marinate for 2-3 hours.

    3) Remove the meat from the refrigerator and fry on both sides in a fring pan until browned.

  • Tomato Pasta

    Tomato Pasta
    Marinating time : 0min.
    Cooking time : 20min.
    Ingredients 2 portions
    Canned whole tomatoes…1can, Onion…1/2,
    Garlic…1/2 of a clove,
    Red pepper…1/2,
    Olive oil…30ml,
    Pepper…a little,
    Fine-chopped parsley…a little

    1) Thin-slice the onion and fine-chop the garlic.

    2) Put the olive oil, garlic and red pepper into a frying pan and heat over a low flame until the aroma comes out.

    3) Once the aroma of 2) has come out, add the onions and cook until soft. Add the crushed tomatoes and LIQUID SHIO KOJI. Cook over a low flame for approximately 10 minutes and add pepper to taste.

    4) Put the spaghetti in hot water with 1% salt and cook as directed.
    5) Add 4) to 3), add 1 tablespoon of the spaghetti water, quickly combine, arrange on plate and sprinkle with the parsley.